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Sophia Ali and Puppet Cast

It is the mission of International Children’s Television (ICTV) to create quality programming for kids in South Asia and around the world.

With 500+ million children under the age of 14, South Asia is home to the largest child population in the world, yet there is very little educational programming designed for these children.

These children represent wide socioeconomic, ideological and geographical divides, but through the internet, kid’s content can now reach children everywhere, and is uniquely positioned to be a powerful 'equal opportunity' teaching tool.

Launching with The Flying Tent, an early learning sing-along series, ICTV has also developed a storytelling series designed to model empathy and teach critical thinking and creative problem solving.

ICTV is dedicated to producing educational content that reflects the look and feel of South Asia, allowing the children of the region to see their world reflected in these programs, while also introducing the magic of this region to children everywhere.


The Flying Tent is an early leaning series designed for kids in South Asia and beyond! This series helps build language skills in English, Hindi and Urdu through musical stories and classic nursery rhymes. Children will learn vocabulary through call-and-response songs, numbers through counting songs, movement through activity songs and much much more. It is our goal to provide high quality programming for preschool children and their families! 

The series was created and designed by a team of child development experts and children's media professionals, whose credits include Dr. Seuss, Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock and many more. 


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